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Michael Cyr

Michael Cyr is a waste industry expert based in New York City. Through years in the commercial hauling industry he has learned the ins, outs, and limitations of diversion as we know it.

He is now an operations consultant specializing in waste reduction and is also the founder of Cup Zero – Reusable Customized Event Cups.

His talks are both eye opening and perception changing.

Zero waste Workshops

While each session is different, there is a common theme: what happens to your recycling, and why it isn’t enough.

You will learn Learn:

•Is this recyclable?

•Environmental Impacts of single use items (this will shock you)

• Global commodities 101 (as nerdy as you’d like to go)

•How does it actually get recycled?- What happens beyond the bin

•Common “wish recyclables” you’re probably recycling wrong

•Steps your office or school can take to have an impact

•Daily life hacks for everyone to reduce waste